Quick Tip: Removing Blue Cast

Two Minute Tip on Removing Blue Cast from your pictures.

The Video

The above video is a quick two minute photography editing tip on how to remove the blue cast after you have taken picture with any camera. The example software used is the iPhone editing software though it will work with almost any picture editor. What follows is the edited transcription of the video. Please feel free to leave comments here or on Youtube . Thank you for watching and I hope you find this useful.

The Transcript

Hello, my name is Bob Pelletier, I’m with Pelletier Photos.

I wanted to give a real quick tip on taking pictures in early morning out in the snow. Here in Salem, Oregon, we got a snow day. And it’s the first time we’ve had snow in quite a while. So everyone’s rushing out and taking those pictures in the morning. And one of the things you might notice as you take those pictures is that blue color to everything.

That’s your white balance, or your color temperature, and the cameras, camera phones, those type of things, try to do the best they can to get the correct one, but every once in a while, they aren’t able to get it exactly right. So there’s actually a fairly easy and quick way to change this.

What you’ll want to do is to go into a photo editing software, you have Photos in the iPhone, which you just hit Photos, Edit, and then once you hit that, you’re able to take a look at your colors, and then what you can do is change your color cast. So if you bring up Colors, then go to Cast, what you can do is you can move that slider back and forth and if you move it more toward the warm side, what’ll happen is that blue will start to fade, and then you’ll start to get the white back. And what you can do is you can change it and see how much you can get back down.

Some of the photos you may not be able to get it all back, but once you get that back, the other thing that you might notice is the photo looks a little dark. So if you close that and you go into Light, you can either look at Exposure or Brilliance, probably Exposure, then go ahead and lighten that up. What I always recommend is when you make those adjustments, go ahead and move it past a little ways, and then come back, and that should help your photographs look a little more white and a little more natural, the way that you saw it when you first got out.

So, hope that helps and thank you very much. Have a nice day.

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