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Hello, my name is, Bob Pelletier, and I’m with Pelletier Photos and thank you for watching. Today, I would like to leave you with a quick two minute tip on backgrounds.

When we take a picture, we are telling a story. One of the things that we do when we tell the story is we have a subject, we want our subject to be clear so that when folks look at it, they know exactly what the story is about.

One of the things that can distract from that, that can draw our attention away from the subject is our background. So, it’s very important as we go to setup the frame, or to tell that story that we make sure that there’s nothing distracting in the background.

Move It, move it

If there are items in the background that are not helping enhance the story or framing the subject and they can be moved, move them; if they can be easily removed.

If there are items that can not be moved, then you can move yourself of the camera to hide the objects or get them out the frame all together.

Remember, keep only the bare essentials in the frame to help tell the story. This is always a care where less is more, and less is better.

HOMEWORK: A good way to learn more about this process is to study the work of the master painters. Painting in a lot of ways is the reverse of photography. Photographers remove items from a scene to make their art, while painters only add what they need to tell their story. So go check out some of the masters and see what they chose to include in their scene.

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