May 10th – My day so far.

Lone Sandal at Broadway Commons in Salem Oregon by Pelletier Photos

The Personal Challenge

I recently resolved to do something creative every day. Like a muscle, the right half of the brain needs to be exercised to increase our creativity. So my personal challenge to myself is to work on something creative each and every day. When those days end up being photos or videos worth sharing, I will effort to do so here. I hope you enjoy and maybe be inspired to challenge yourself creative each and every day as well. 

The Challenge for Today

The challenge that I set for myself was to get at least 3 emotion provoking shots from one location within 5 minutes. I was also hoping for a sunrise shot as the time that I head out now right before sunrise when the sky is at its best.

I think that I was able to get the shots. The 4th shot is a bonus shot from my breakfast, which I included because there was a little story that went along with it as well. Make sure to watch the video for the description of each shot.

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Arrest of Darth Vader 01 by Pelletier Photos

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