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Arrest of Darth Vader 01 by Pelletier Photos

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Hello, my name is Bob Pelletier and I’m with Pelletier Photos, and today I would like to take you on a little behind the scenes on a photograph that I’ve taken recently at a family gathering. The point of today’s video is that when we take pictures, it should be about having fun. And that it should be fun for both the people behind the camera and the people in front of the camera. That should be the reason that we do this. Today’s picture really highlights that for me. We had a lot of fun doing this picture.

So we have our family birthday gatherings several times throughout the year we were trying to come up with a date,  and it fell on this year on May the 4th. So, instantly it was Star Wars theme. We were trying to figure out what kind of scenes we could do to get some shots that would be fun, and as we started coming together with what people had, we were able to get together a few light sabers, and we also found out that our grand nephew had a full body Darth Vader costume. So we thought, having the rest of Darth Vader would be fun. 

So we’re coming up with some scenes to do, and part of the thing photographers, as we know, it’s hard to get everyone together, when you get them in front of a camera, especially a group to get everybody on the same page. As we were talking about this, and discussing these pictures, we had family members that were like, why would we want to do this, this doesn’t sound like fun. We pushed through that, and we said oh, it’ll be fun. And indeed, when we came together, and when we actually were taking the photos, people were having fun with it. So after the star, Darth Vader, was promised a trip to McDonald’s afterwards. We were able to get him settled down and get some good poses as you can see here. And even after that, I’ll show you at the end of this video, after we were all done, he really got into it. He was doing some more poses after he could see a few on the back of the camera. 

Describing this shot. We were trying to find an area where we could go take this picture, and we wanted something to kind of simulate a green screen even though really didn’t have a green screen. So. We went out back, as you can see here in this raw picture. I went ahead and got everything set up, got the flash set up, used off camera flash with MagMod Bounce in order to get a good spread of the light. And I forgot my more powerful strobe, so I just had my little strobe with me. Which did the job well enough. 

We got everyone positioned. I kind of explained what I was looking for in the shot. We were gonna do one scene, and then immediately take the other one right afterwards. And as you can see in this picture, I had to take a few shots, but everyone did just awesome. It was fun. So after we got done these pictures, I showed everyone, who liked what they saw in the back of the camera. Went ahead and brought it back to my editing studio, and was able to find a background that was Star Warsy. It was kind of the idea, I wanted a Death Star type of background, interior background. And then I was able to Photoshop the family, and I didn’t go super high production on this because I wanted it to remain fun. That was the whole purpose of this shot. 

So as you can see, I went ahead and Photoshopped it in, copied over the people into the background. Also used some lighting and then a little color grading in order to try and get everything to meld just a little bit better. And the end product, as you see, this is what it is. Great shot. And just one for fun. So it was a nice family shot. 

So what I would hope to leave you with with this video is to remember that photography is about fun. It’s about enjoying ourselves. Those in front of the camera and those behind the camera. And when you’re able to do that, if you’re both having fun, you can get more shots, and I was able to actually get a few more shots after this of just the standard family get together. And they all went very well as you’re seeing in this outro. 

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Thanks. Goodbye.

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