About Us

Who are we?

You are about to find out
Bob and Nita Pelletier of Pelletier Photos
Owner and Operators

We are Bob and Nita Pelletier, followers of Jesus Christ, husband and wife, and best friends. Though born in other parts of the country, we’ve traveled all over and both settled here in Salem Oregon. We love calling this beautiful place home. Our favorite feature of Oregon is its coast, which we visit a lot. Because of which we tend to get teased mercilessly about the frequency of those visits.

If you follow our personal Instagram stories and feeds you will see many pictures of our coastal adventures.

Some of our favorite things

Along with the Oregon Coast, some of our other favorite things include our family, our cat (when she behaves) and cooking good food.

I’ve enjoyed cooking, even from a young age, though I was never better than a bachelor cook. Starting in 2013, I decided to get serious and learn classical techniques to improve my abilities and expand my menu of meals that I could prepare. From that time, I practiced, worked through and honed my culinary skills to reach a goal where I could  walk into a kitchen and prepare a meal with the ingredients available.

As a result, my wife and I enjoy many yummy meals, to which we’ve added good dietary policies including portion control and an exercise plan. Though not all this food is for ourselves, as we use our culinary skills to feed and stay in touch with family, friends and our neighbors. It’s been said that we’ve developed our own ‘Meals on Wheels’ program.

We also enjoy good movies and spending time with our friends. 


My wife has devoted most of her life to work with early intervention for special needs pre-schoolers in the Salem Keizer area. In addition, she has worked with children in day care and Sunday School.

For me, after high school I joined the Army and served our country for 4 years. Honorably discharged, I went into the computer technology field, starting my own company 5 years later and have been running it ever since.

Professional photographer work desk with monitor, camera and printer.

What can we do for you?

Photography has been a hobby of my wife and I for most of our adult life. We were glad to discover this as a hobby we could both enjoy together. Since we have been together, we have educated ourselves in artistic, technical and business facets of photography.

Along with the technical and artistic knowledge of photography, we bring our love for people, pets, beautiful locations and attention to detail. These elements truly what make good photographs, great photographs. This is what we try to capture with every photograph.

We also bring an experience of  professionalism that we have been working on for 20+ years a piece. This experience is hard to replicate from any school or raw talent. 

In short we can bring you great photographs with a level of peace and confidence of receiving a great product delivered on time. We  hope that join us and we’ll get the chance to serve you soon.

Explanation of the Logo

So what does the logo stand for? Our logo is a reflection of our French / European heritage with elements of the great place that we live.

The Fluer de Lis is a stylized Lily, typically signifying French royalty. 

The circle is meant to represent the end of a lens as you are looking at it straight on. 

Inside the circle are evergreen trees, a cloudscape with the sun and tulips. All these things are representative of the Great Northwest as well as some of our primary subjects early on in our photography. Nature photography is still a big part of our photography.

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